Selfcompassion and Compassion for others

Mindful Selfcompassion 

Mindful SelfCompassion has three components according to Kristin Neff. We treat ourselves with kindness and comfort instead of selfcritisism, we see our experience as a part of a larger human experience in contrast to feeling isolated in our own experience. We also react to our experience with mindfulness and let painful feelings be there as they are instead of being overidentificated with or run away from them.

Selfcriticism triggers our physiological threat defense system. We become guarded and locked in a fight or flight response where adrenalin gets activated in the body. We can become anxious, get depressed, experience stress and shame, ruminate or act with too much perfection.

SelfCompassion as a comparison reduces these negative mindstates and increases positive mindstates like life satisfaction, happiness, connectedness, selfconfidence, optimism, curiosity and gratitude. Selfcompassion triggers the mammalian caregiving system and oxytocin and opiates gets activated in the body.

The difference between SelfCompassion and selfesteem is that SelfCompassion offers the same benefit but with fewer pitfalls. One compares oneself less with others, one’s selfworth is less contingent and there is no association between SelfCompassion and narcissism

Selfcompassion is linked to stronger coping and resilience, to motivation, personal accountability, healthier behavior and more focused on others. One becomes more caring and supportive in relationships and one becomes less controlling and verbally aggressive.

Being selfcompassionate with oneself helps one being compassionate with others. With SelfCompassion one experiences more forgiveness and perspective taking and one becomes more compassionate, empathic and altruistic towards others. SelfCompassion also helps with preventing Compassion fatigue and burnout when caring for others, and it creates more satisfaction and wellbeing with the caregiving role. SelfCompassion also leads to attachment security in families.

Some advantages with Compassion on Caregiving described in this video;

There are different audio and video recordings which can guide you through different SelfCompassion exersizes. It will give the most effect when practiced on a regular basis.