Dharma is the name of Buddhas teachings, and Dharma encompasses theories about a vast amount of areas like psychology, ethics, philosophy, physics and ecology. I convey some of this here, as it is a big inspiration to my art and creativity. You can choose to read as an introduction to a fascinating view or just attend to it as an interesting read.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Dharma is conveyed through the three yanas or vehicles; Hinayana (the little vehicle), Mahayana (the big vehicle) and Vajrayana (the diamond vehicle). The three yanas or vehicles may be said to be three stages on which one can travel on the Dharma path. First we are being taught the teachings of the Hinayana. Then we learn the teachings of the Mahayana and third we may learn the teachings of the Vajrayana. The different yanas build upon eachother with their inherent wisdoms; Vajrayana is built upon Mahayana and Mahayana is built on Hinayana.

Dharma is teachings about how to cultivate a good life, for oneself and for others. It’s ethics in how to relate to eachother and cultivate has it’s explanation in realizations about the nature of reality.