An interdisciplinary site of promoting public health in the intersection between art, buddhism, interdependence and psychology

The world needs sustainability and it needs solutions in many life areas which are sustainable to people and the planet

We need to find sustainable solutions which make us move forward and not backwards in our development and evolution

What is public health in regards to food? What is public health in regard to money? What is public health in regard to fitness? What is public health in regard to relations, architecture, environment, thinking, feeling?

To make this planet of ours a good sustainable place to be

As a psychologist, buddhist, art therapist and artist, I draw inspiration from tibetan buddhism to try to find ways that can be sustainable in the area of psychology and art

In a world chasing for Happiness through outer economic success, we may become unhappy persons. I believe in the power and importance of Compassion in today’s world. As Tibetan buddhists would say we chase so much after outer appearances instead of trying to find peace of Mind and learn about developing our Mind and our Compassionate Heart. Through my experience with Tibetan Buddhism I have discovered much of value and sustainability and I hope my art perhaps would convey some of this