Cognitive psychology

The cognitive model 

Cognitive psychology is based on the assumption that thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and actions is interwoven and connect to eachother. They get triggered by a situation. The situation can either be an outer or an inner trigger, and what it triggers first among thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations or actions can vary widely

This model is called the cognitive diamond or the cognitive model, and one can use this model to analyze what happens in a difficult situation or where difficult thoughts, feelings or bodily sensations occur. It can also be used to try to understand why a certain action is chosen

This model is used to explain and find solutions to an array of different common problems, like problems of anxiety and fear, of depression and the use of anger

Thoughts create feelings and feelings create thoughts, and both thoughts and feelings create bodily sensations which again can create thoughts and feelings

Actions often come as a consequence of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations interacting together, but they can also affect all the three of them in different ways